Team Building With Heart

Let’s Remind Ourselves of The Real Reason To Build!

Going through life and having a heart for helping others is the only natural way to achieve peace of mind that will carry you through all the trials of life. It is essential to build a team of like-minded people. I met someone today who has lifted my spirits because of finding a kindred spirit and knowing we are striving towards the same goals.

Many say that the goal is to put others’ needs before your own but finding those who mean what they say is challenging. I am blown away by what I have seen. The products are so good, and the website and shipping work flawlessly on all my orders and interactions. We shipped our first shipment to India today, so I will report on how it goes.

The purpose of the SEEZ-IT.COM blog is to spread the word and use this platform for information purposes. I have purposely not used SEO content and will not allow advertisements to come to the website. As we build the content, I want people to have a peaceful time on the site. Today’s user experience on many websites bombards the visitor with an overload of ads and gimmicks. Let’s be different!

How Can We Help People Succeed?

Over the years, I have been involved with many MLM and Network Marketing, and everyone wants to make money; therefore, it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking about yourself first. Generally, it is ingrained in humans at an early age. Think about babies and the terrible twos where everything is theirs, and they go around saying or screaming, “It’s MINE.”

We will focus on others, put our energies into filling the 2 X 15 matrix through innovative marketing and let the system do the rest. Think about the stability of a business model built on these principles.

We like doing the Marketing, but most people do not understand it and are not good at winging it either. The beauty of the LiveGood System is that there are no product requirements for people to earn money!

Short Video Announcing Our 1st Promotion

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