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The product that I am about to review is called: SUSTAIN by Avisae.

It is a daily vitamin and mineral supplement that I have been taking for over four years now, and I am convinced that it is the best supplement for my health.

I presented several Doctors with the white page information and asked them to review the product and get their recommendations; not one of them had anything negative to say. 

There was one Doctor; who even though he was participating in another supplement program, which used a blood test to determine the vitamin levels in the blood, then use that information to make vitamins supplements specifically for their needs!

Then package the vitamins in packets for the morning, noon, and night doses. How convenient is that?


The Best Vitamin I have Ever Taken!

I liked the idea; but this Doctor still advised me to continue using Sustain, because it had everything that I needed.

The Doctor ordered blood work for me, and the test showed my vitamin and mineral levels to be in the normal ranges.

Getting blood work is something that I highly recommend investing in when considering taking a supplement; why buying something that you do not need?

Knowing what your vitamin and mineral levels are running, will help to make the right decision on which supplement to take and how much.

What vitamins and ingredients are in the supplement?

My exposure to taking supplements started several years before being introduced to Sustain. After family members got interested in the health benefits of vitamins, we all went a little overboard, and at one point I was taking 18-20 pills a day!

Healthy Meals are a plus…

That was too much for me, and I started looking into eating more healthy, but being a shift worker most of my adult life makes eating right a real challenge.

Plus, we all like to eat what we want. And for some of us, food is our greatest weakness at least it is for me!

Even with the best intentions; preparing meals like this image was not in the cards for me just yet.

Chalk it up to laziness, or whatever and the fact that it is just too convenient and there are too many fast food places everywhere!

That is what led me to the supplements. Early on; my focus was learning about what ingredients were in the pills that I was consuming.

This laziness is still going on now sometimes I find myself more confused than when I started which is not hard to do with all the information that is out there.

Genetically modified food is not good!

Studies are done all the time to give some unbiased data to support or disprove theories. Most of us want to find products that provide you what you need that is the primary goal, right?

How does it benefit the body?

One of the most recommended supplements; and on the top of my list to make sure I take, is CO Q-10 and Vitamin D3 these are the ones that started me on my journey in getting healthier.

That was about 12 years ago; it is still essential to keep up the daily ritual.

It is worth mentioning; when being presented with Sustain the first time, the speaker pointed out these two ingredients and spoke to the importance of having them in your diet.

This benefit is one of the many benefits you get with Sustain; it has the recommended amount of CO Q-10, and Vitamin D3 built right in the formula.

Gives You More Energy!

People who start taking Sustain; typically make comments about their increased energy levels, the reason comes from all the quality ingredients, but more especially the amount of B complex vitamins that are in the supplement.

Can you really see a difference after starting daily use?

My answer to this question is YES!

The improvement happens pretty much immediately; even though I had been taking other daily supplements for several years before getting my first supply of Sustain, once I started using the product, the improvement to my energy level had doubled!

After a few months, you get used to it I had stopped taking it occasionally by accident before I had the weekly pill box and started loading it up on Saturday, there were times when I would forget to use it.

Reaching for the Understanding!

It would only happen for a few days; at most, before my energy level would start dropping, and remind me to take my supplements.

For me, and other people that take Sustain, with regular use it produces more energy and better clarity of thought!

The clarity of thought could be just as important to you as the physical energy if you are in a highly stressful job that requires extreme focus for long periods.

DNA Telomeres and Aging

The following is a brief definition on what telomeres are: quoted from Wikipedia, but shortened a little to get it down to the basics:

Telomere Caps

“During chromosome replication, the enzymes that duplicate DNA cannot continue their duplication all the way to the end of a chromosome, so in each duplication the end of the chromosome is shortened.

The telomeres are disposable buffers at the ends of chromosomes which are truncated during cell division; their presence protects the genes before them on the chromosome from being truncated instead.

The telomeres themselves are protected by a complex of shelterin proteins, as well as by the RNA that telomeric DNA encodes”

The image is of the Telomere Caps under a microscope.

The goal is to give the Telomeres what they need to become longer and more healthy, resulting in better cell regeneration.

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us. I think only taking good food is not enough for our good muscle health. Those who are doing the gym. They must need it. The good think about itis Individuals who simply begin taking Support ordinarily make remarks about their expanded vitality levels; the reason originates from all the quality fixings, however more particularly the measure of B complex nutrients that are incorporated with the enhancement.

    1. Thanks for your comments and suggestion towards working out. I am taking extra tablets of Sustain because of my reduced calorie diet that I have been on since July of last year. It may be something that someone who is working out may need to do as well. Good point!

  2. I am always trying to get balanced nutrient by eating a healthy diet. However, it is not always possible as sometimes we have limited choice and food option.

    I do feel low in energy sometimes, and I always try to boost my energy by taking coffee. Maybe supplement is what I need after all. 

    1. Thanks for your comments and Sustain can help with the sluggish energy levels the B complex vitamins will provide a good energy boost.

  3. I love supplementation due to a raised standard of living I feel when on a good supplementation programme. The interesting thing I found about your article evolves around  CO-Q10 and D3. I’ve heard good things about these supplements. I’m really interested to know more about both of these supplements, do you have any references I can go to that says more about them or are they covered in the white paper you mentioned?

    1. Thanks for your comments and your interest in the CO-Q10 and D3. There are several topics in the white pages that talk about both of these. Avisae uses the higher quality ingredients which make it a better value to the consumer.

  4. Hi Chad,

    This is one of the most in depth reviews of a vitamin I have ever read. And it is very clear why, this is a product that is in a class all by itself. I take vitamins myself along with a few herbal supplements, and I have never heard of vitamin D3. Could you explain what the difference is? I take vitamin D, but not D3. 

    I love the fact that this product helps with mental clarity, so I am going to try this product. Can you tell me if they offer any guarantee or return policy? I need to be taking this vitamin! Thanks for bringing this product to my attention, Chad. It may be just what I needed!


    1. Thanks for your comment Chas, Sustain is a great product and everyone that I know who has tried it has a good result. The difference between vitamin D and D3 is that the D3 is what your body converts sunlight into. 

      There are studies that show the D3 vitamin kills cancer cells in Petri dishes in the lab, that may help prevent some cancers from forming. Just a little added bonus!

      I have not tried to return an Avisae product, but here is a copy of the return policy:

      Refunds and Product Returns. I agree that if I resell Product
      directly to a customer, I will adhere to Avisae’s 100%
      satisfaction guarantee policy and shall provide the customer a
      full refund of all monies paid if the customer returns the
      product to me within thirty (30) days of the sales transaction.
      Avisae agrees to replace to me up to one-half of the used
      portion of the returned product.

      All of the products that I get from Avisae we are completely satisfied with, I waited four years to start promoting the products because I wanted some time to see how they work!

  5. Hi; Ias I read your article I  become even more determined that one does not have to be sick or dead from any disease because there are so many food supplements to back up one’s proper nutritional intake.

     The body will not function right if the essential Vitamins are lacking. That gives the reason for us to take the right food supplement to boost our bodies need.

    Dorcas W

    1. Thank you for your comments eating a healthy diet and making sure that your body has all the nutrients that it needs to heal itself is very important. A good supplement is like health insurance for your body.  

  6. Well thank you for reviewing this supplement. I am a daily user of health supplement. As a vegetarian, I still lack several basic nutrition, especially those that are found in meats and the likes. Maybe I will consider to consume Sustain, but will there side effect if I consume too many supplements? Currently I consume two type of supplements daily. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for your comments and I used to take many different supplements and found that I do not need any other supplements than the Sustain. The vitamins and minerals that are not water soluble can build up in the body, that is the only thing to watch out for. Sustain has a very good absorption quality and what you do not need will pass through. All of my blood test have been in the normal on vitamins and mineral levels since taking Sustain. 

  7. The benefits of keeping healthy and fit cannot be overemphasized. And, it’s a well known fact that most of the time we do not get the required supplements we need from our meals. Having a supplement like SUSTAIN by Avisae is always a welcomed development because it supplements our meals and even helps slow down aging. Thanks for sharing this, quite helpful.

    1. Thanks for your comments and suggestions a good supplement will bridge the gap in nutrition from the food we are getting. It requires the highest quality ingredients to make that happen.  

  8. This sounds like a great product! I cannot seem to keep up with healthy eating either and fall into my old habits of fast food and minimal prep. I have been looking for a supplement that will give me vitamins I need + more energy. Is the product affordable? Thank you for your review!

    1. Thanks for your comments and it is true that a supplement is like health insurance for you. The Sustain product cost $72 for a bottle of 90 pills. That is the retail price and if you take one pill a day it will last you three months. Which works out to $24 a month. The distributor price is $58.50 that drops the price to $19.5 a month.

  9. Health is an important aspect of our lives and having a way to boost it is a plus. Your knowledge on supplements is commendable in the sense that you are also using the supplements and you can testify to the results that are expected. 

    Congratulations on your website you are on the right track. Now I want to go and grab some supplements for my self. 

    1. Thank you for your comments and you are correct in that it does not make sense to promote a product that you do not take yourself. Sustain is by far the best supplement that I have ever taken!

  10. Thanks for your lovely review on Sustain anti-aging supplement; I have once read that we should try to maximize vitamin tablets for our healthy growth. I will really be excited if I can get this product shipped to Africa. PS: I also can’t wait to see and read other prescription from your site. You need to incorporate a ‘subscribe’ to your website to notify your readers of new posts.

    1. Thanks for your comment and at this time the only way to get the Product in Africa would be to purchase and have delivered to an address in the US or Canada and have it shipped to other countries. There is a subscription button at the bottom of every post and page just click the “Follow” button and enter your email.

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