The Launch Day is Getting Closer!

Something is in the air… I can feel it!

First I would like to welcome all you new Subscribers to this blog and thank you for taking the time to read this post! I take it has a good sign when several hundred new subscribers come in from one article, so it must have had a good impact.

The Excitement is Building for the LAUNCH of Onpassive!

The Public Webinars is to introduce people to the Onpassive Platform that is preparing to launch. They also help the new Founders to understand more about the incredible business they are a part of now.

The feeling of anticipation and a heightened sense of giddiness at the thought of Onpassive getting closer to launch! The GoFounder community is a family of like-minded people to share positive thoughts and is a sanctuary from the negative influences that come from other social platforms.

Founders are very supportive of each other and see the vision that our CEO Ash Mufareh, has shared with us. He has the utmost respect from the community of Founders due to his giving nature and the dedication to getting the job done right. There are over 45 hours of Webinars that clearly shows the passion that Ash has in his heart for the Founders.

Ash has made the statement several times of how he views the Founder position; that is a partnership with him in starting this fantastic business, which addresses all of the issues that cause people problems for people who try to make money online.

Ash’s plan is impressive, to say the least;  there is a NEW impressive hour-long Webinar some Founders put together to explain what Onpassive is in more detail. I highly recommend anyone interested in being successful in making money online to invest the time and what this Webinar with an open mind, and an open heart as well!

Please take the time to watch this video. (DELETED 1/9/2020)

If you do not have the time to watch the video, here is a FREE E-Book covering the same material that is on the Webinar for those who prefer reading.

Onpassive Mission Statement
Unicorn Business Launch

Time is running out for the GoFounder position soon it to be closed!

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43 comments on “The Launch Day is Getting Closer!

  • Alblue says:

    Hello Chad, this is exciting information about GoFounder. I have started my online business journey, but I’m still struggling and feel the need to learn many more things about digital marketing and making money online. Is this good for people who have some basic in making money online? Thank you for the information

    • Chad Trader says:

      Onpassive is a solution to the problem people have with running an online business, it also provides a source of targeted traffic for affiliate marketers.

  • Abayomi says:

    Great and awesome educative post,many people want to make money online including the reader and you have shown a way of making passive income that is genuine and achievable,I know hard-work,dedication and persistence would surely work together for someone to have a successful online business, Your post is awesome,thanks for sharing this.

  • Tim says:

    Hi Chad, I understand how it feels when you are starting something, you feel excited and nervous at the same time. But I believe that you can do it!

    This is a rather short article, and I can’t really get enough information to understand what it is all about, but I’ve save the YouTube video in the article to watch when I have time, I wanna learn everything I can about online businesses.

    Thanks for sharing this I wish you the best of luck!

  • Adyns68 says:

    I like the post, it is pretty concise and intriguing. What is gofounder? It sounds like a good community of entrepreneurs, I would like to know more about it.

    If I register, will I get a notification when it is live or about to be? And what if I can’t make it to the live event, can I see a replay?

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Chad Trader says:

      GoFounders is the website created for the Founders to receive updates, training, and community with other Founders. 

  • JealousLi says:

    Hi, Chad Trader
    Can you write about onpassive more details introduction? Because I want to know the introduction of Onpassive in detail, if it is very great, I can try it and recommend it to my friends. I saw a video in your posts, but I want to read the textual content on the subway in the morning. Finally, thank you for your contribution and let me know about Onpassive.

    • Chad Trader says:

      The FREE E-Book will cover the information for you. Let me know if you have any questions. 

  • Cody says:


    I was initially confused what the launch was about, but reading other comments cleared it up a little bit for me. I am curious as to how this program compares to affiliate marketing? Is there a shorter video we can watch? I haven’t had the time to watch the entirety of the links you posted.

    How new is Onpassive?

  • RoDarrick says:

    Seeing this much information about a webinar and the launch of a program makes me feel like it genuinely has something important to offer to us all. Though I’m not really grinded in the rudiments of online means of work but getting to see so much from the founders of this system, I’m sure it would be a life changing opportunity. Thanks so much for sharing and I would make sure to register immediately in order to benefit

  • Mariam says:

    Interesting article.

    I haven’t had enough time to watch the videos highlighted here, but would definitely come back to this. I like to take advantage of opportunities like this to know new things happening in the online world. and from what i have been able to garner from reading your article and other comments, I believe this would worth being a part of!

  • Mattias says:

    Excellent article you have written up here and I am sure that this would be beneficial to all the people who aims to go in line with affiliate marketing as they would get the proper training through this webinar. Though this is the first time I am hearing about it though, but honestly I am getting excited already and would surely get myself registered right away. Thanks

  • Henderson says:

    What? Did you say 45 hours of webinar? Wow, that really so much information I must say. I don’t think I have seen that anywhere before. I must’ve heard of GoDaddy somehow but it just kept eluding Mr. Seeing that I can make good money using the training that is available is a good thing. I will most definitely try it out. Thanks for the information. Ash has really done a good job and it seems he has a good personality.

    • Chad Trader says:

      Your right the amount of time invested in training the Founders will pay off soon!

  • Stella says:

    There’s nothing as great as seeking for more knowledge. This video will go a long way in helping people reshape their mind about online business. There are many of them out there, even some with an exorbitant price but nothing works at the long run. I need an overview before I proceed to the webinar. That the reason why I glanced through the video. It  worth trying actually and my attention as been caught already. Did you mean this onpassive will find a way to drive traffic into our website?

    • Chad Trader says:

      Yes, Stella, that is right Onpassive’s top three tiers have guaranteed targeted traffic that is exclusive to the member not just an empty click but people actually looking for what you are offering. 

  • Brendah Kest says:

    This webinar is worth thinking about. I like the video, it explains almost everything and people like me in countries where even getting a small amount of money is hard, this is good for us.

    I’ll watch it again with friends because i know they would find it interesting like I did. Times have changed and online business is becoming tougher so thanks for considering to post this.

    • Chad Trader says:

      That is one of the things that Ash has done for people by making this affordable to everyone. After launch, you can sign up for a free 7-day trial, and then the minimum level is $25 to get started!

  • Peter hanley says:

    Wow, a great introduction to an exciting prospect however I was a little baffled about 
    you number of advertisements on the right border. I understand why but it takes away from the main product.
    I had to click one of them out of interest before OI fully read your site
    I listened to the Audio and It is certainly an interesting prospect so I shall watch it develop with interest.

    Peter H

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thanks for the heads up about my sidebar, I have not looked at it in a while. Needs to be updated I agree!

  • Chloe says:

    Hello there, I can’t wait for the launch of this onpassive program because there have been lots of speculations around it if its a legit business and not. I have been anxiously waiting it reading more about this program and from what I have read from this post its looking really good. However I wouldn’t mind seeing a more elaborate review on it soon. Hope you van help with that? 

    • Chad Trader says:

      Good question, Onpassive is licensed to operate in the 145 Countries that have Founders present. The company is debt-free and has developed all of the proprietary products they offer. 

  • Mark says:

    Hi Chad – very interesting read. I watched the first video and was wondering what the platform offers that’s significantly different from others online. I agree with one of the commentators, there are a lot of programs that are similar, or at least they look like they offer the same. Can you share more info about that? Very interesting and good to see there is a community that supports it.

    • Chad Trader says:

      The FREE E-Book will answer your questions.

  • Russ Green says:

    Omg these are very long webinars I have watched some and I’ve bookmarked your website so I can continue watching when I have a bit more time, actually I have heard about this program before but never really took the time to find out all the details, however, now I have come across your post I can find out all I need to know about it, in fact I will be learning about every single detail, thank you for sharing, I am looking forward to watching and finding out more. 

    • Chad Trader says:

      Yes, they are long, and they have to be to cover the magnitude of what Onpassive consists of and how it will shake up the internet marketing world.

  • Nuttanee says:

    Hi there,

    I am a bit confused by Onpassive program. Is this the training on how to make money online and rebuttals all the social media objections?  I am currently on a location and have no access to a wifi but I will be sure to watch the video on your post. Thank you for providing such an informative information about Onpassive. Cannot wait to learn when will it launch and what it has to offer. 

  • AJ says:

    to be honest I just watched the first part of the webinar video. and I feel like i’m lost. hehe sorry. I know I have to watch the whole webinar probably to understand what onpassive is but it’s too long. Will probably bookmark this one or just send an email to request for the ebook. It seems interesting but i have a lot of questions. If you can atleast tell me the gist of this company/product/system? thanks

    • Chad Trader says:

      I will send you the FREE E-Book it covers the subject pretty well. 

  • Trevor M says:

    Thank you for the post! The Webinar is long however will help like you said the serious inquiries. You do have to not only invest time but it takes money as well and much patience as I have learned through experience. Videos are very helpful in learning how to be successful but like I say if you do what you love you will never work a day in your life!

  • Anthony Hu says:

    Thank you very much for your post. It is very useful information for me. I started online business for a while and get some progress, but not as I would like to see. 

    It is nice to see that the Public Webinars introducing people to the Onpassive Platform that is preparing to launch. It is so happy to see that it help the new Founders to understand more about the incredible business they are a part of now.

    It is exciting that Onpassive is getting closer to launch! The GoFounder community is like a family of like-minded people to share positive thoughts and is a sanctuary from the negative influences that come from other social platforms.

    I am looking forward to this wonderful event.

  • Wayne says:

    Hi, Chad.  Sounds interesting but just how does Onpassive market my message to the world or create a business for me if I don’t have one?

    100% fully automated.  I have seen this before.  !00% automated sounds like I don’t have to do anything.  How is that possible?   We all know that one has to work to grow a business whether it’s online or brick and mortar.

    One last question.  How can you be so certain their claim to be “the most powerful marketing platform on the internet” is going to be true when they haven’t even launched it yet?  Isn’t that kind of putting the cart before the horse?


    • Chad Trader says:

      Good points you make Wayne, I thought the same thing when I first started watching the webinars until the picture became clear of what Onpassive is going to provide to people who want to earn money online and have a system for all your business needs in one place. Onpassive will be your business if you do not currently have a business to promote.

  • Scott Hinkle says:


    Thank you for this post.  I was not aware of this new launch until now.  I’d like to know more about Onpassive, but I don’t have the time to watch such a long video right now.

    That said, this post here has me interested in learning more.

    I’ll go ahead and request the eBook now.

    Thank you,    


    • Chad Trader says:

      Thanks for the comment I will send the FREE E-Book to you shortly.

  • MissusB says:

    In launching a product, service or even an online business, it is highly recommended that a training, tutorial or webinar must be conducted to better assist a client. This only means that your company, Onpassive , is very professional when it comes to assistance and community help.

    Also, I’ve been hearing a lot about the launching of Onpassive. Finally, the anticipation will be over. I too, want to know how this type of online business can help me to gain financial freedom. Thank you for reminding us about this webinar. I hope that everything goes well with the seminar and launching!

  • SeunJeremiah says:

    Thanks for this informative article,  I’ve always been in search for way to make passive income online and to see that the launch from the Onpassive is closer has also got me super excited, although the one thing that gives me great concern is that it’s very much pricey and I also want to know if this system operates with no risk? 

    • Chad Trader says:

      The $97 fee is a one time fee to become a Founder if that is not affordable, once Onpassive is released to the public you can sign up as an affiliate for FREE for a 7-day trial. After that, the first level is only $25 to fund one time.

  • Paul says:

    Hi Chad,

    45 hours of Webinars??? Wow, that’s amazing!

    I have come across some ads and posts about this program. I was thinking of finding some additional information about it. Thanks a lot for the insightful and informative post. I appreciate you for embedding the webinar video, which explains the full details.

    To be honest, I just watched it for a few minutes and I felt it’s worth watching so I bookmarked it. (I prefer watching videos rather than reading). 

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thanks for taking the time, let me know if you have any questions, it takes time to grasp the big picture.

  • Katya says:

    Hi I’ve read your post but still feel kind of lost. Could you explain more about what the program is about and how it compares or is better than other platforms for online businesses? There are so many different programs, webinars, and platforms on the market that I feel overwhelmed which one is worth the time and money and which isn’t.

    Thank you,


    • Chad Trader says:

      Onpassive is everything that a person needs to run an online business on one platform and comes with targeted traffic that is exclusive to the member. There is nothing else like it on the market; everything has been designed and built by the company.

      The Webinar is lengthy, but worth the time for serious people who want to make money online! 

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