There Is Something In The Air!

In the atmosphere, I have noticed a shift from many sources online to a position of taking action or rather an attitude of let’s make it happen.

The group of people that I surround myself with have jumped into action like I have not seen before, they are working together to try and stay on top of the change that is coming.

What change that I am talking about is on the internet and how it is going to change the lives of people across the globe.

The feeling is coming from a place of need in a lot of cases but I see several possible answers looming on the horizon.

Past Couple of Weeks

The energy has been increasing over the past couple of weeks, and the amount of action that has taken place is refreshing to me, I am no the type of person who likes sitting on the sidelines.

I am wired to make things happen, and to get the job done; the past couple of weeks have been inspiring and refreshing at the same time.

Many of us are waiting for the launch of ONPASSIVE and not doing anything, and that is fine. That is what the platform is created for, the people who do not know how to do their own marketing.

But, for action-oriented people just cannot sit by and do nothing; they need something to do, luckily there is always something to do online.

Big Change Coming

With the sense that something big is about to happen, we need to be ready for the opportunities that present themselves to us. Answers may come in the stranges places.

I have found myself searching for ways to increase cash flow to continue promoting ONPASSIVE while we are waiting for the launch to the public.

Understanding that we do not want to rush the process but let it come at its own pace. ONPASSIVE is massive an is going to make a drastic change on the internet.

So with that in mind, any project or program must be compatible with ONPASSIVE and the core values that are taught through the leadership of the company.

Otherwise, they are going to be put out of business, the days of people getting ripped off by companies that do no deliver to their customers are numbered. The reason is that people are going to go where they are getting paid.

Action is the KEY

Activity is still the key to getting started, it is much easier to change the direction of something when it is moving. Just like driving a car is more manageable while it is running.

Your actions are more easily adjusted while you are very busy, and all you need to do is change directions, identifying which direction to go is the key.

I have run across some excellent motivational and leadership sayings that have helped to zero in on the feelings that are driving us into the new opportunities.

We must remember that it is essential to maintain an attitude of action, not just thinking about it until you cannot move. People need to think about things before they do them, but they need to remain free to move.

Perseverance & Motivation

Walking through life, we are challenged every day to keep moving even in the face of trials and tribulations, people must have the courage to continue on in the face of doubts.

Perseverance is something that builds courage in people and allows them the power to continue in the moments that challenge us the most.

In the Business World, there is always uncertainty, some people are not cut out to take the pressures of making decisions and sticking by them to see what the outcome is, we must check ourselves to see if we want to proceed.

With that said there is something in the air that is driving motivation and action to push through and hold the course. There is a feeling that break-through is coming.

Not just from one area but about to happen on a larger scale across the internet and global. There are so many opportunities pushing the global initiative.  


Get ready for the change. Prepare your self to go with it, we must stay within our own tolerances but stretch ourselves where we can without crossing the line.

If you are feeling the same energy that I am describing, please share your thoughts on the subject in the comments section below.

I think that something big is on the horizon and it will come in waves people are going to really enjoy it if they are prepared. We must remember to help those who do not see the vision and the ones who need help getting started.

Thank you for stopping by today and reading this article, please leave your comment and questions below or email me directly for information on the available opportunities.