Time To Get Busy!

The Dawn Of A NEW Day!

It is good to reflect and have a sense of accomplishment for all the effort it took to complete the foundation work. Clearing all the old material from the website starting the YouTube Channel, and taking all the time to discuss opening up India with LiveGood and starting the Olive oil business. It has been a whirlwind of a week!

Looking Forward to Next Week!

We all have the same 24 hours of the day, and while it does not feel like we have all the time we need, all we can do is manage our time as best we can. Life is funny sometimes, and the thought drives me to be thankful and shares a little more about my health journey with everyone.

Last year in May, while my health was terrible with out-of-control Type 2 diabetes being on five medications being morbidly obese, and running a very high risk of getting my legs amputated. I realized that something drastic was needed to change my life or something horrible was about to happen.

At this point, I realized I could only lose weight by Fasting, and the consequence would be the weight would always come right back, and we all know that yo-yo dieting is not the best thing for people. But in a defining moment, I decided to start fasting and figure out how to keep the weight from returning.

Then I Found Dr. Sten Ekberg On YouTube!

I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Dr. Ekberg for his caring style and how he explains how the body works. The video which captured me is embedded below, and Dr. Ekberg describes what happens to your body while fasting.

I have watched this video many times and used it to reprogram my mind when entering a fast. Through Dr. Ekberg’s inspiration and guidance, I have lost over a hundred pounds, totally reversed Type 2 Diabetes where my A1C was running at 12.6 in December 2021, then dropped to 6.1 in August 2022 after two months of Intermittent Fasting, healthy keto Omad.

Then I embarked on a series of 8 weeks of 120 hours of prolonged Fasting, which means that I would not eat from 5:00 PM on Sunday through Friday evening around the same time, 5:00 PM. All my blood markers returned to normal, with my A1C at 5.1 and my Insulin at 2.7, which means that I am not even Insulin resistant any longer.

I Am A Health Champion Now. Thanks to Dr. Ekberg!

I will share more on the topic as time passes because it is essential to understand where I am coming from when I say that the products are incredible. I have been using supplements I learned about from Dr. Ekberg, Dr. Berg, Andrew Huberman, and many more professionals that are teaching us how to live a good healthy life.

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