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Why do so many people run into this situation; trying to build a business online or in the regular brick and mortar world?

The frustration that comes from trying to build a business is like beating your head against a wall, and it is straightforward to get discouraged.

Are you someone who has tried many different business opportunities without any success? Results like this leaving you frustrated, and even angry with the sales pitches and all the hype that is out there?

Most people do not make any money when they start an online or home-based business; it indicates that most of the programs used are not any good.

The programs with good opportunities; sometimes have people focusing on making money before they concentrate on doing people right, which is a recipe for disaster!

Using Multi-Level Marketing in the Right Way!

The Multi-Level Marketing Industry is huge and for a good reason; it is an excellent model when done with the right motivations in place.

It is sickening to see all the focus on people becoming rich as their primary motivation. Trying to sell the idea, that you can get wealthy from giving someone your hard-earned money, trusting that they are going to make you rich!

I was born during the day… but it was not yesterday!

That is not ever going to happen; success is going to require work, that work does not have to be difficult. Really, in the MLM Industry what you need is a good solid product that is consumable.

Woman Shopping
Buying some products online

Products that are consumable, help to solve issues for people, or make their lives better, are the perfect candidates to build a strong foundation for a reliable distribution system.

Take the negative feelings from the outlook that you may have on the misgivings from people’s mistakes in the MLM Industry; apply that energy to thinking about building something that is worth-while and will give you a sense of satisfaction.

Not a happiness predicated on satisfying selfish desires, but on being part of a program that you are passionate about supporting.

The program that you want to support should be something that you want to be personally involved with; find others who are as passionate as you are and build a network of like-minded people to accomplish the goals of the team.

What Program Would You Design?

What would the perfect MLM program look like if you could design the program just for yourself?

One may consider how much time and effort it takes out of your day to get it started and how long before it is running without any effort from you.

This description applies to a tiny percentage of the people who are making money in the MLM Industry.

Most of the programs, books, and teachings will tell you to focus on the people’s dreams (becoming rich) and convince them that they must endure the rejections of large amounts of people to succeed.

Selling Product
Selling different products

The reality of any business is that the product must sell, to generate revenue and make a profit. Respectable MLM companies are going to design a compensation system that pays people for the distribution of their products.

Consumable products work well for this type of business model because once you have a customer base who are satisfied with the product, then you have a reliable distribution model.

People are concerned with their health, and this makes the Health Field an excellent place to look for the right MLM company to partner within your endeavor to build the perfect distribution model.

Daily Vitamins or Supplements

Researching the company that you are considering is crucial before you start endorsing their products.

How can anyone be a good spokesperson for the company if they know nothing about the products?

Look for people who have a personal history with the product, someone who does not exaggerate the claims to sell more product!

Everyone wants to earn more money, but sometimes that zeal can distort someone’s perspective.

Vitamins in hand
Daily Supplements less is more!

The primary goal for this type of business is to establish a need for the product and verify the effectiveness of the product; this will take some time, but the result will be a reliable customer that will regularly be buying.

Regular customers are the foundation of any successful business, any claims that say it’s a “turn-key” complete system to do it all for you… run from that program! Huge red flag!

What is in it for the company? They are not going to do something to be nice to people, without getting compensated for it.

In MLM company’s people get recruited to the business with a method; typically, that method is how they will attract people — observed in many different MLM companies.

Who Makes the Perfect Business Partners?

Finding the right people is the most significant obstacles in building an MLM business. Many people have been mistreated and ripped off by bad players in this Industry.

How are you supposed to get past that? It is simple. Be different from the rest! Do not let your self get sucked into the behaviors that will lead to not satisfying the needs of the people you sponsor.

Do not promise thing that you cannot deliver or do not know precisely how to get it done! So many people are out there promising the world and delivering nothing!

Better to under-promise and over-deliver. In time people will be getting much more than they could have ever dreamed.

Eye Close up
Character is the most important aspect in a Business Partner!

Searching for the right people is going to take time, and they are probably not going to be people that you already know.

Think about it the people you know, if they are capable or wanted something like this it would probably already happened.

We do not have to rule out people we know, but it is a better idea to approach people you already know after you have achieved some success to share with them.

The right Character is the most crucial aspect of the MLM business model. Earning trust is the only way to build a lasting relationship, and the only way to gain confidence is to deliver what you say you are going to provide.


Hopefully, this message speaks to you, and you are interested in looking into the business model that I am proposing.

My experience with the Avisae products have been outstanding, and I have been taking them for over five years, proving to myself that the products are worth promoting.

I am using Avisae products to build a distribution system with the health of the participant being the first goal. The second goal is to pair up like-minded people to work together and help each other proceed forward towards a common goal.

Avisae products are now part of BeneYou which is a merger between three company’s; the merger opens up the opportunity to more countries.

For a quick look at the product offered for BeneYou click here.

Please, browse the blog post and links to see what we are about and if you are interested in more information to check out our About Us page.

UPDATE 9/8/2019: Onpassive is going to help build your online business correctly!

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12 thoughts on “Tried Everything But Nothing is Working

  1. This is a wonderful  article. Unfortunately many have entered into one business both online and offline and have failed because of the wrong motive or just to compete with friends that are already excelling in the type of business. 

    Starting a business requires passion for it and enthusiasm and optimism as those are the keys to be successful in any business. 

    Using MLM involve setting goals, relating with people with like minds and not just selling off ideas that can be profitable and your product or business must be consumable by your targeted customers. 

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the topic and the most important part of a successful MLM is having the right people who are focused on the development of the plan.

      The plan must be clear and simple so people can make a decision, then see what is working and what needs to be addressed.

  2. I know how frustrating it can be to try new things and still have the same result. MLM schemes have become a thriving source of income for a host of people.

    However, this program has not been so kind to me as it doesn’t work for me. Even when I tried product based MLM, still I didn’t get results.

    1. Thank you for your comment and I appreciate your point-of-view, it takes the right people working together towards a common goal to make the business a success. 

  3. I agree that everybody is looking for products that are consumable. Most people are motivated to make money when they start an online business. And they do get frustrated as they realize that it is not as easy as they thought.

    Personally I have tried many money making programs and I realized that I need a good product to sell, a proven one.

    And you could achieve success if you try harder and not get frustrated by failures. And you need to focus on people’s needs and having a consumable product.

    1. Thank you for your comment and sharing your thoughts on the subject. Good point to remind people that it takes working on your abilities to not be frustrated and work the problem instead.

  4. Thank you for this great post I find it really interesting and nice .You have really put in a lot of energy in writing this and I really appreciate that. You have provided great insights into how to go about MLM programs. I have been using Avisae for a long time which helps a lot. I’m very sure newbies will find this very interesting and helpful.

    1. Thanks for your comment and the complement on the post, it is something that I am very passionate about and the reason for starting this endeavor and blogging  about health related  topics. It all ties together in the grand scheme of things!

  5. Hi,

    Thanks for your advice on how to build a business. You are right that online and brick and mortar business are essentially same. The business process is complicated and take a long learning curve.

    The products are critical for business to be successful. We need to have high quality products and meet customer’s demands. Thanks for sharing us the Avisae products. I bookmarked the product page and am going to learn more on their products.

    My niche is on cancer. Do you have good products for cancer patients?



    1. Thanks for your comment and observations on what it takes to make a business successful. I have not researched specifically for cancer treatment or the effects that Sustain would have on a cancer patient. 

      Most of my research is around general nutrition and how to improve a diabetic diet. My blood test have been checking a wide range of things and vitamin panels are in the results which verify that my vitamin and minerals are in the normal range. 

  6. So much information in an article. I’ve been a victim of different MLM in the past and I must say no one as ever be frustrated the way I was back then. Sometimes I do appreciate myself for not giving up. I also use Avisae products, and it’s very cool. How I wish I found Avisae much earlier.

    A wonderful write up here.

    1. Thanks for your comment and glad that you found Avisae for yourself. Hope you are getting the same types of results as I have had from using the products. There are truly amazing and a good company to do business with!

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