Type Two Diabetes and Diet

The inspiration for this post comes from reflecting on the past six months, the hope in sharing this with everyone is to raise awareness about diabetes in other people so they can make changes to help prevent this health condition.

People can cause themselves to develop type two diabetes by the choices that they make in their diets. That is what happened to me, and it happened over several years of eating unhealthy food.

Another problem was working shift work for 30 years which makes it challenging sticking with a routine. Working too much overtime contributes to the same issue.

It was not until my condition affected my health to the point of preventing me from doing a routine task, and putting my job at jeopardy; that it got my attention, forcing me to take a hard look at my life.

The Endocrinologist stressed the importance of my diet, we all hear the Doctors tell us the same thing year after year, and I thought that I was doing good with my food choices, compared to my previous years, but the reality was that I had not been serious about making lifestyle changes.

The more educated I become about the relationship between type two diabetes and diet; the easier it is to remain committed and make the necessary changes to my diet.

It takes several months to make these changes but looking back over the last six months there have been some significant advancements in my ability to identify what is suitable for my diet and what is not working.


We all must remember that each of us is unique individuals and our needs are changing all the time as well. As we age the body changes; adjusting for the changes is something that you must train yourself to do.

What typically happens is we forget that we are getting older and think in our minds that we are still young and can eat whatever we want. But the reality is that our food requirements reduce drastically and many have a hard time adjusting; myself included in this category.

Positive Attitude Lose Weight

Attitude plays such a significant role in anything that you set out to do in life; identifying what you need in your diet is no different from changing a recipe that is not working, or you desire a different outcome in the product.

Looking at something from a different perspective may help to see things in a whole new way. The only way to make that happen is to develop and maintain a positive open attitude.

Change is going to happen in life; that much is inevitable, but how we decide to deal with the change is going to determine how well we adapt to the changes.

This aspect of change is real for weight loss in general, what I have observed in people who are always on a diet, is that they do not respond well to the change in terms of making the behavior’s that work a lifestyle change.

Many people who are slightly overweight do this and are happy with the yo-yo effect, and they will go through life this way without wanting real change. That is okay as long as their health is not negatively affected.

People who want to make life long changes to their body, mind, or soul need to examine their attitudes and keep in the back of their minds that this is the main battle line in moving forward in their pursuits.

Synergy Learning

In the corporate world, we are taught to look for synergies where other disciplines can provide lessons on how to do things more efficiently. When people have substantial training in one area of life, it is good to use strength and build new abilities in other areas of life.

An example is comparing how disciplined a person is in their carriers against how well they control their dietary choices or exercise routines. Many times people perceive the two differently, but people are a combination of both disciplines.

Learning how to take positive habits from other areas of life and converting to apply it to healthy lifestyle changes is not too far-fetched of an idea, and strengthening other areas of life will enhance the areas where you are already active.

Does It Take More Energy to Think Positive?

It does not take any more energy to think positive unless there are extenuating circumstances like extremely negative people around you that you can not avoid.

Most of the time people want things to go well and do not want to cause problems for others, but there are those people in the world who want to be ornery, and no matter what you do there is no helping them, best to avoid these people.

Positive Thinking

In general, you get more energy from being favorable than when you allow yourself to think negative thoughts.

Even when your job forces you to think of the worse case scenarios, like “What-If Drills” you will do yourself a favor by taking conscience breaks and thinking about the same scenes in the positive and reverse the negative energy.

People subjected to the horrible things in life daily have to do some mental exercise to be able to cope with the stress involved. After learning this type of skill, it can be almost an autonomous in mind and become a good healthy habit for thinking positive.

How to Develop a Good Attitude

Developing a “good” attitude is just like learning anything in life; people must go through the learning process and be willing to accept and receive the knowledge that comes from the experiences.

God gave us a brain and the free will to choose which way we are going to look at a situation. We can let someone or some incident bother us and get stuck on the experience or want to learn from it and move on to something else.

Building on each experience and applying the lessons learned to help prepare us for the next challenge. Sometimes we get conflicting information that both made be right for other people with different needs.

Reach for it!

When we deal with conflicting thoughts, it is better to file that under future possibilities to try, while remembering the circumstances which you tried it for yourself, after some time passes it could be worth revisiting.

We all have experienced something in the past that did not work as intended, only to discover later that the same thing worked with similar circumstances. These things can happen for various reasons, which may be as simple as having a better understanding and thinking about it differently.

How to Maintain Attitude and Diet

Maintaining your positive mental outlook is something that will take some planning and determination when it comes to changing your diet.

We are creatures of habits, and when it comes to food, there is not an exception to the rule. Choosing food is something that if you do not plan it will become second nature and will often tend to be controlled by preference in taste versus the healthy option.

The key to success in choosing a healthy lifestyle choice every time is to educate yourself and make the meal plans in advance. Also, think about the ways to deal with awkward social situations when you find yourself in a position where you know are especially challenged; this may vary from business dinners to family gatherings.

Yoga for healthy lifestyle

Many people may have good intentions in their minds when offering food or drinks to you that you know are harmful to you but are commonly accepted as useful in general.

When people have diabetes, they must adjust their diets or run the risk of having many medical problems from diabetes. It is easy to overlook this if it does not affect you directly or indirectly through a loved one.

Using the consciousness of looking at things from the other’s point of view will help to keep your perspective in place and assist you in maintaining your attitude and diet.


Having type two diabetes is no the end of the world and for people recently diagnosed and new to this way of thinking; realizing that it is reversible in most cases with diet and exercise modifications.

It is essential to develop and maintain a healthy outlook, and a positive attitude to make the necessary lifestyle changes that will transform your life and finish in a better condition after the experience.

Find people who energize you in the right direction, and they promote a positive environment to assist in becoming more healthy lifestyle conscious.

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