VPN – Video Conference

Experts advise people who do business or spend a lot of time online to invest in a virtual private network or VPN. It is an excellent idea to do, but how many of us ignore this advice? I think there are many people online who do not use this technology.

With so many responsibilities to take care of, I think that taking the time to set up a VPN is not on people’s minds, nor is it high enough on their priorities. ONPASSIVE takes care of this by including it with the platform.

When we think about corporations, they usually have their VPN to guarantee that their Video Conferences remain confidential. Now with ONPASSIVE, the playing field is evened up, and small businesses can enjoy the same security as the major companies.

This service extends to the individual as well with ONPASSIVE. That is another reason that ONPASSIVE is going to disrupt the online market place by providing these services at affordable prices.

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