Weekly Review January 20, 2023

Getting In The Swing Of It Again

After taking some time off from Blogging, Team Building, and running ad campaigns, this week has had its share of adjustments, and this Friday is a time of reflection and planning moving forward. We strive to do something different and will look for the path less traveled; one thing is inevitable if you want to be different, then you must be different in the actions you take.

With that thought in mind, I had to stop looking at what others were doing and look for divine inspiration and guidance to find the path to follow. Success is measured in many ways; I want financial independence and peace of mind knowing I am doing what I am supposed to do. We must avoid repeating the same pattern using the wisdom from past mistakes.

Highlights From The Week

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How To Mix
Team Building Heart

It is good to reflect and have a sense of accomplishment for all the effort it took to complete the foundation work. Clearing all the old material from the website starting the YouTube Channel, and taking all the time to discuss opening up India with LiveGood and starting the Olive oil business. It has been a whirlwind of a week!

Looking Forward to Next Week!

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