What is in a Good Multivitamin?

In today’s post we are looking at Multivitamins and what we consider a good multivitamin and which types of multivitamins that should be avoided.

Are you one of the millions of people taking a multivitamin supplement? How do you know if it is working for you?

It is highly recommended testing the products, use the results of blood test that your Doctor runs, checking for the vitamins and mineral levels in your body.

There are many multivitamins options to select from on the market today. The price ranges vary from cheap to expensive, and it is not a good idea to just go by the prices alone.

Be mindful of the advertisers.

There are many companies that will pump up the advertising and trying to get you to believe, that their product is much better than it really is.

The vitamin panel blood test, will reveal exactly how your body is absorbing the nutrients from the multivitamin supplement you are taking, use this information to evaluate the benefits of the product.

Who Makes the Best Multivitamins?

The question of who makes the best multivitamin is best answered by identifying what ingredients are used producing the best multivitamins.

The company’s who are manufacturing these supplements must be reputable and follow the FDA guidelines and the GMP Standards to stay in business.

Ingredients that go into a good multivitamin will contain a wide spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals that are easily absorbed by the body.

Having a well-balanced multivitamin that contains all the essential vitamins from the A, D, E, K and all the B’s vitamins as well.

Minerals like calcium, iron, zinc, manganese, copper, and chromium are something that the body needs. Be on the lookout for cheaper substitutes that sound like the real thing.

GOOD and BAD ingredients.

In the past, when I have taken the cheaper multivitamin, it would leave a very bad after-taste, that aftertaste comes from the ingredients that are not giving your body any benefits.

That is another very good motivator to find the right multivitamin supplement, that supplies you with everything you need and does not have any unwanted side-effects.

When considering the brand of the multivitamin, remember that not all are using the same quality of ingredients.

Even if they have the words “organic” in the title, check the ingredients list to see if they are using any synthetic ingredients as fillers. This can be misleading and reduce the effectiveness of the product.

Benefits of Taking a Multivitamin Everyday

Taking a daily multivitamin supplement is a great way to provide yourself with health insurance for your body. But it does not replace the need to plan and eat a healthy diet!

Sometimes we must learn the hard way, and this is exactly what happened to me.

Even with taking a very good daily supplement, my health still deteriorated because of the lack of focus on choosing the right foods.

Bad food choices
Unhealthy Food Choices

We all owe it to ourselves; to be honest in how we think about our dietary choices. Sometimes it takes losing some of your ability to function, to get your attention and cause you to re-evaluate things.

Once you have your diet under control, it is still important to cover any gaps in nutrition, even with the best planning, sometimes we miss things in our busy lives.

Other factors that are beyond our control that can affect the needs our bodies are going to face during a day or week.

Good habits like taking a good daily multivitamin supplement will protect you from the unexpected changes that we do not see coming.

There are also ways to determine a score for your favorite brand of vitamins, minerals, multivitamins or supplements. It is called an Orac Score.

What is the Orac Score?

The acronym ORAC stands for oxygen radical absorbance capacity. What it does is measures the ability of a food or any other substance to quench oxygen radicals in a test tube.

Why is that important when looking at the multivitamin supplement you are considering?

Due to all the bad things people are facing daily, such as poor diet, highly stressful jobs, toxic chemicals, sunlight or bad habits like smoking.

Our bodies are fighting free radical damage and antioxidants protect the healthy cells and slow the growth of malignant or cancerous cells.

Let’s look at the top ten high antioxidant foods and herbs list and there ORAC scores:

ORAC Scores

One of the most interesting things is how much higher the ORAC score is for the herbs than it is for the foods.

The most important thing to consider is; making sure the body has what it needs to repair itself and slow down the aging process.

The higher the ORAC score the better equipped your body will be to repair the damage from the free radicals.

My recommendation for a daily multivitamin supplement is Sustain by Avisae and has an ORAC score of 92,928 combine that with a good healthy diet plan and your body will be equipped to repair itself properly.

Best Whole Food Multivitamin Reviews

The best whole food multivitamin reviews will go through a process of identifying what the ingredients are and send the products to third party labs to have the results verified.

These types of reviews really mean something to the consumer. Otherwise, you are subjected to the advertisement tricks that are used to convince people they are getting something, which they are not getting.

Reviews that are conducted in this manner must have the resources to do the test and have the experts to interpret the data that comes from the test.

running test
Running LAB test.

It always makes me wonder what the motivation is to conduct the test? Most of the time test is being run to prove or confirm something to someone… this is true for any type of product that is being manufactured.

That is why it’s good to check out your information from several sources before making any decisions.

The sources that are there for the purpose of providing an unbiased review will tend to carry more weight than those that are conducted by company’s who stand to make money from a favorable review.


What goes into a good multivitamin, is high-quality ingredients, which provide the body with essential vitamins and minerals.

These vitamins and minerals are needed to repair the damages caused by the exposure to free radicals in our daily lives. This helps people to age better and retain their youthful attributes.

The benefits that can be found in the right multivitamin supplement are going to affect how you value the product.


Therefore, it is so important to evaluate the benefits of all the ingredients and the full spectrum of the product, if you must buy multiple products to gain the benefits received from one product.

The value of the single product is much more, how to determine that is up to the individual. A prudent person is going to take all the information into account.

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