ONPASSIVE is a Global IT Company. That means all of there products and services are informational technology-based and exist to assist people in being successful in their business.

It does not matter if your business is a traditional brick and motor business or if it is an online business, ONPASSIVE is built from the ground up with the necessary tools and services to ensure you are successful.

Most platforms available on the internet do not have all the products and services in one place, a small business owner or a large corporation must outsource different components of their website, marketing, email service, contact management, etc.

With ONPASSIVE, everything is included on the platform to do all of the heavy lifting for you and allow you time to focus on your business, not the marketing and administrative task.   

How ONPASSIVE Will Help You

People who have never been able to make a living online will be able to do so with ONPASSIVE. The system will ensure that you grow by using the company AI technology to assist in building your team; this is a function that you do not need to maintain actively.

That’s right, the system runs in auto, allowing you to focus on other activities. If you want to grow your business faster, you can scale the system to as large as you want it; the bigger you will take a little longer, and it requires more effort; but, it will not fall apart because everyone added by the AI is a customer first.

The platform is entirely self-funding after the initial membership payment, this is a new concept, and I have not even heard of a company doing anything close to this practice. The recurring monthly fees get deducted from your earnings; this means that you do not have to come out-of-pocket with any additional money.

Most people do not stick with a business because they are not making any money, ONPASSIVE addresses this issue with a system that uses its proprietary AI technology to ensure that the structure is fair and that no member is left out.

I think that the most impactful thing that you see from ONPASSIVE in the guaranteed targeted traffic that starts on the 2nd membership level, this is the feature that initially drew me to the platform. Anyone who’s been online is aware of the importance of getting interested visitors to your website.

ONPASSIVE Launch Process

The company’s official social media sites, and the blog is a good indication of just how much preparation has gone into the project. ONPASSIVE is massive, and the amount of work done is enormous.

Most people tend to focus on the launch date of ONPASSIVE as the date the products release to the public, and commissions earned. There is more to the process to do it correctly; people do not want to think about that, but that is the facts.

A great company takes time, and you have to be patient, waiting to see it through to completion. I am glad that we have the proper leadership that will not settle for “just good enough.” We want the system to function correctly from the start.

“Active Founders” see the professionalism the ONPASSIVE staff members demonstrate and how the quality of the material is always top-notch. To sum it up in one word, “impressive.”

List Unicorn Companies

The Global Unicorn club list 452 companies currently valued at greater than one billion dollars. The company at the top of the list is a company from China in the Artificial Intelligence Industry valued at 75 billion.

Second is the Auto & Transportation company Didi Chuxing valued at 56 billion. The next three are from the US, with a value of just over 30 million each.

We believe that ONPASSIVE is going to be on that list quickly after launch; some are speculating that ONPASSIVE reaches the Unicorn status on the actual release of the products. I don’t know precisely how long it is going to take, and it does not matter either.

The important thing is that everyone who participates is going to be successful; that is what is going to drive ONPASSIVE to become a Super Unicorn status. Once people are making money, the flood gates are going to open, and people are going to join ONPASSIVE in record numbers.

Get Ready to Witness It

Soon we are going to see the effects of the marketing power that ONPASSIVE has built into its proprietary system. The first marketing campaigns in the Beta testing will begin and give the world a glimpse of what is coming.

We are waiting patiently, and it is going to happen shortly. Many of the marketing techniques tell you that you must give people a sense of urgency so that they will move on your call to action.

I do not like this and do not participate in this type of marketing; my concerns are to make sure that people get what they expect and are not let down by empty promises.

The ONPASSIVE Ecosystem is massive, and we have prepared some pages to highlight each one of the products or services that we think is going to impact people’s lives the quickest.

Take a moment and see for yourself ONPASSIVE Information


ONPASSIVE is a Global IT Company in the pre-launch phase and about to shift the way people experience the internet. It has many IT products and services that people use every day to use the internet; the big difference with ONPASSIVE is that everything you need is on one platform and at an affordable price.

The details on the packages will be revealed to everyone once we launch, and there will be a 7-day trial period to test drive the platform before making you decide to buy or not participate.

Contrary to what some would lead you to believe, ONPASSIVE is not an MLM Organization or just some everyday Networking System. It is a trustworthy Global IT Company that is legal to operate in over 200 countries while in pre-launch.

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