What to Look for in a Team?

I want to speak from the heart and try to explain the vision that has driven me to be in network marketing.

Back in the ’90s, after being introduced to the idea of residual income and the power of duplication through the Amway presentations, it planted the seeds in my mind which have been growing ever since.

This vision of generating residual income has always been with the idea of helping others while building an organization of people that you can count on and are like-minded.

Everyone has a different interest they are drawn too; identifying these interests to align people to shared goals is a principle I believe in and want to pursue with my team.  

The biggest issue that came from my previous experiences is the integrity of the people in the upline; which controlled the outcome of my efforts. I signed up with Amway two times thinking that changing the upline would help me to succeed.

All the MLM, Network Marketing, Direct Selling, Home Based, or Online Business that I have participated in has presented similar problems to deal with in the uplines.

Common Problems with Up Lines

Changing uplines did help with some issues, but it did nothing for the other problems with the system that forced you to recruit, sell, and even store all the products. The next business avenue that caught my eye was to go into the solar and wind generating business with a focus on making systems available to families to offset the high cost of utility bills.

Home-based systems fifteen years ago were not economically feasible, and most companies just wanted to take advantage of people.

I get no value from some Marketing and Advertisement schemes that do not put me in contact with a real prospect!

In my carrier working for a Company, I have developed strong relationships with people based on earned trust. Helping others always builds a pleasant working environment and an enjoyable atmosphere to be around.

This atmosphere is what I want to build with my Team in my Networking Business and make sure that everyone is making money.

Nobody can stay in business if they are not getting paid! In home-based business, people tend to think about themselves and fight each other for the scraps of money that are on the table.

How much better would it be if people thought about the bigger picture and work together towards common goals?

Here are the principles that I look for in a potential team member:

Honesty – Brutally honest and not willing to lie.

Integrity – Say what you are going to do and DO IT!

Respectful – Be mindful of other’s efforts and their time.

Diligent – Follow up on their responsibilities.

TRUST – Is something earned and not to be taken for granted.

It will be awesome to be involved with this type of Team and to work towards achieving the goals agreed-upon set. I believe that the right people are out there. With the power of the Internet, they can be found, no matter what location they are in the world.

For those who agree with these principles and are interested in joining with an existing group or start leading a group to work on something that you are passionate about, send me an email, and we can discuss it further.

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  • James Black says:

    Great information,this is the way an business should be ran with people,wheather it’s MLM,or brick and mortar.

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