Why Dare to Dream Again?

With all the uncertainty in the world today, why dare to dream again? That is the question that is burning on my mind today. I have been thinking about dreaming for the last five years, and my outlook has changed; as I get older and realize that some of the philosophies that so-called gurus teach to sell their training programs that do not deliver.

I have been successfully working for a company and have seen some success working on the side in other home-based businesses. The allure of making money from home in online activities has always been a passion of mine, but I have never seen the kind of funds capable of replacing my income from my day job.

Over the years, I have studied online marketing, even took online courses to educate myself, but nothing as ever panned out the way people said it would. The outrageous claims of people who say they can show you how to make thousands of dollars by clicking their link are all a big lie! Common sense should protect people from these scams, but it must work to some degree, or why would there be so many?

In the last ten years, I have searched diligently to find a system that you could use to build a good business online, in the process I have learned how to develop a website and discern which opportunities are worth pursuing. “The bottom line is making money“. If you cannot make money, then it doesn’t matter how good something sounds; it is a piece of junk!

Most Gurus Teach People to Focus on Themsleves

What I mean by that statement is that the Guru will condition you to believe it is your fault if you are not successful with your online business. They teach that you have to transform yourself into something you are not to reprogram yourself for success. That is the biggest guilt trip one person could do to another person.

I think that you need to have a positive outlook to be happy with yourself in life, but a positive attitude by itself without taking the correct actions is not going to make you successful. “You must do the right things to be successful“. Here is a good example, if someone gets up every day and resights all the positive affirmations and never lets a negative word out of their mouth, but walks in front of a moving bus, they are going to get hurt or possibly killed.

The point is that your actions must align with your goals, yes you need to be positive, but you also need to look both ways before crossing the street! In the business world, you have to take the right actions with your positive mindset to be successful. Have you ever heard of one of these gurus admit that their system is the problem and apologize for taking your money but not deliver any results?

Of course not, that would mean that they would be admitting that their system is not any good. My point here is that if the product cannot work for everyone, it should not get presented to everyone as if it will work for everyone! Sometimes people are lazy and do not work as they should, but more times than not, it is a deficiency in the system used and not the people’s fault.

Focus on What You Can Do

Taking action is easy to do, but you have to take action on a thing that you are capable of doing, or you will get stressed out by the whole project. We must challenge ourselves to grow, make sure you don’t overdo it, and get discouraged. Small steps continuously are better than take big leaps and then doing nothing.

A sound system will allow people to know what they need to do and make it simple so that everyone can participate and be successful. Think about going to a job that pays you hourly for a service you provide to the company, and they do not pay you saying that you do not have the right mindset. Would you stand for this? I don’t think anyone would accept this practice, nor would they work for the company.

A company may decide that someone is not qualified for the job and not re-hire them, but the company would still be required to pay people for services rendered. That said, getting back to my point about a system working or not working. When a program is working, then all people need to do is take the actions the application requires and succeed. How many people do that, and the system fails them?

The Network Marketing and MLM industry, saturated with so many opportunities, people have a hard time knowing which is right for them. Most of these companies require people to recruit to be successful, while most people hate the idea of “recruiting” and do not know how to “recruit” effectively.

How they get people interested is by playing on people’s dreams, and naturally, it works the first time people get exposed to this philosophy. Millions of people are sharing this belief on the internet through quotes translated into every language on earth. This practice is good when people keep a realistic perspective on life.

What’s a Realistic Perspective?

One of my observations about people’s perspectives on their business goals is the method that they expect it to happen. I have always been a dreamer and someone who has a vision for great things in the online business world. So I relate to people “buying into the dream concept and running with it“, but also I have seen people get pumped up, caught up in the excitement from meetings, conferences, and videos but lose all momentum and never take any action.

People have to take action to be successful; a simple example is a discipline, the way a person gets up to go to work each day. It is better to get up with the right attitude, having a smile on your face, but the action that must happen is getting up and going to work. We must use the same type of discipline when approaching an online business done working from home.

Another point for people to consider; where are you starting from on the journey to achieving your financial goals? Are you beginning and do not have any resources to aid your business? Or are you already successful and have some resources available to you? These are very important to take into consideration; things happen in life in stages, and while there are some lottery winners, most people do not win the lottery.

It is better to plan on taking the right actions, build a business with a solid foundation so that it can grow into something that will propel you into the success you desire. Typically, when people are starting in life, they tend to focus on material things, but as we get older, the material things are not as important.

Don’t get me wrong here, we all like more beautiful things in life, but what makes people happy does not center around material things and money. “I think what most people need is enough money so that money does not control their life“. That is the dream that is worth pursuing and adjusting priorities to make it happen.

How Can You Make Your Dream a Reality?

In the state of the world, since the Covid-19 epidemic and subsequent quarantine, people are re-evaluating their priorities in life. Those who are fortunate enough to be able to work from home are finding out that it might be a new normal to adjust to, and they may not be sure how to deal with it. That can change people’s dreams and goals because of priories changing.

Financial security is something that most people want, and I would like to focus on an idea of how to achieve this state through working an online business with multiple income streams to supply the resources. Earlier, we touched on having a sound system, and that is crucial for the plan to be successful.

No matter what business you decide to start or participate, you need a marketing plan to get customers to your store or website. This principle is the same for traditional companies as well as online businesses. Every business needs a solid plan on how to advertise, attract leads, and close sales.

There is a Brand-New Global IT Company that has brought everything you need to market and brand your business into one Smart Business Solution that is on one platform. ONPASSIVE is in the beta testing phase of pre-launch and about to run its first company-sponsored marketing campaigns.

ONPASSIVE is the creation from the mind of our CEO Ash Mufareh. It is built from scratch from the Programmers and Engineers in Ash’s team of professionals located in Bangalore, India. There is no recycled technology and the company’s very own proprietary Artificial Intelligence is coded into every product in the ONPASSIVE EcoSystem.

Everything that you need to make your dreams come true gets included in the ONPASSIVE marketing platform. Ash Mufareh has taken it to a whole new level by providing a way for people to get involved with the project before the products become available to the world. This project is through the GoFounders website, which is already launched and will become part of the ONPASSIVE platform when it opens to the public.

To get a better understanding of the evolution of the GoFounders position and ONPASSIVE’s scope you can watch this

24-minute video by one of our Founders Jeffery Morlock

It is my recommendation to become an Early Bird Founder for people who are serious about making money online, especially for people who have never made any money online or in any type of home-based business.

As of the time of this post, there are still GoFounders positions available for the $97 one-time fee. That fee is going up to $149. The price increase is all part of the launching process and the beta testing of the marketing campaigns, as well as the payment processors.

To lock your position in and secure your future financial security become an Early Bird Founder Today. You will be glad you did, and you will be able to dream again with confidence that you will have a method to make your dreams a reality.

For more information on ONPASSIVE, you can browse our ONPASSIVE Information page or visit the Official ONPASSIVE Blog and see the quality of work being produced since October of 2019.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this article today, I hope that you enjoy the read and please leave your comments or share your thoughts on the subject in the area below.

20 comments on “Why Dare to Dream Again?

  • Techie says:

    Hey, thank you for sharing such an inspirational and motivating article that has given me some reasons to dream again. Being a dreamer all my life, and I have been privileged to see some of my dreams come through. Owning a successful online business is one dream I’d be excited to see come through.

    It is not enough to wish, read, study, and pray to have a successful online business. 100% action is required to kick start the dreams so they can become realities someday. So I have been motivated to take the steps necessary to build a successful online business. The system we use is also 100% important because an incomplete system would not yield a business that thrives. Thank you for the recommendation. Cheers!

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thanks for sharing your experiences and glad that you have found success in an online business. Soon ONPASSIVE will make it possible for everyone to find success without failure; the first company of its kind with a system that forces people to be successful. Typically, I do not like being forced to do something, but advancing automatically to the next level is, in a way forcing people to be successful, nobody is complaining about that feature.

  • Sheddy Ovb says:

    Hello, a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful article on why dare to dream again. Anyways I stumbled on your site, which I must say is impressive and filled with so many quality and useful content. I have a dream, and I know getting those soon. Anyways I find this article; bouncing is a nice one.

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thanks for your comment and I am glad that you liked the article and found it entertaining. Let us know if there is anything else you would like to see in future articles.

  • Jomata says:

    Hello, there thanks so much to this very inspiring post on “Why dare to dream again!” Like the famous saying that only a fool will keep doing the same thing and expect a different result.  Most times, the reason people don’t succeed is simply because of doing the same thing in the same manner.

    The world is changing every day; thus, we have to approach our dreams according to the trend the world Is adopting. Especially in these times that we are in a pandemic,  a different approach needs to be on already existing dreams (Business,  family,  education, etc.); hence there won’t no result. 

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the subject. Yes, I agree that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again the same way while expecting a different outcome. People can easily fall for similar ploys from different teachers that end up leading down the same road to failure. A brand new approach is needed to fix the problems with unsuccessful programs and platforms.

  • Philebur says:

    Hello there! Thanks a lot for this excellent article. You are so correct in what you have said; it’s not about the material things. How I love to phrase it, its not the money but the freedom it brings. I think that is what most people propel towards achieving when people start to realize that the world will be a better place. Thanks a lot.

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you for your comment and for taking the time to share your thoughts on working towards making the world a better place for everyone.

  • Skuchmane says:

    Hello dear, thanks for sharing such a piece of information with us. I was doing some reviews when I saw your post. Your website is excellent, and it’s filled with lots of quality content, your description of each word you make it easier for the readers to form an opinion, thanks for the info, I’ll surely take some recommendations.

  • Theresa says:

    I was one of the lucky ones already working 100% from home before COVID-19 hit the world. I see a lot of people now trying to work online out of desperation, and many are finding that it’s ideal for their personalities and personal circumstances. Others are frustrated that it doesn’t pay off immediately with little effort. 

    You’re so right that positive thinking is inadequate alone. It must come with targeted action that leads you closer to your goal. That’s critical for anyone interested in making money online during a pandemic or any other time. It does pay off, but you have to put those actions in place consistently to see it happen.

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and glad to hear that you are doing well with your online business, it takes substantial effort and patience to developed the skills needed to be successful with affiliate marketing. That is why a better system is more appropriate for less capable people, everyone needs to make money, and the right system that guarantees success like ONPASSIVE requires someone to take action. Still, it is doable for everyone who participates.

  • Nikki says:

    I agree with taking small steps. Every week I make a to-do list for myself, and almost every day without fail, I miss something on it. It then, in turn, messes up the rest of my planned week. Overwhelming one’s self with too many tasks and goals is not good. Focus on getting what you can get done and get rid of distractions. A good program won’t overwhelm you.

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on taking action; most people do not take action and then wonder why they do not see results. Getting bogged down in the details can be nerve-racking. That is another reason to have a system that takes care of the mundane, repetitive admin work that goes along with running a business from home. 

  • Lee says:

    Thank you for another great and inspirational post. As I read throughout it, I had some thoughts. Paying “gurus” to convince you that it is your fault if you allow “gurus” to do that to you is crazy. I am giving ONPASSIVE serious consideration after reading this post. I need to learn more, so I am clicking on the ONPASSIVE information page. 

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thanks for your comments. Think about the teachings that assume people want to fail at business. That is like saying that people want to go to work and not get paid! Everyone who tries to start a business is wanting to make money, they may lack the skills necessary to make that happen, and some may be able to hone the interpersonal skills needed to recruit others. Most people try to work the system, and the system lets them down.

  • Rutz says:

    Thanks for your comprehensive article on why dare to dream again, and I like the fact that you mention that small steps are better than unrealistic significant levels.  I have witnessed it myself in the small steps that I have purposed to take every day in my online business journey, and I see it bearing fruit by the day. I like to dream and take action today. 

    • Chad Trader says:

      Glad that you enjoyed the article and for sharing your thoughts on the subject, please let me know if there are any questions you have about ONPASSIVE and how it can help you in your online business. 

  • Jaye says:

    I love your article. You are so correct in what you have said; it’s not about the material things. How I love to phrase it, its not the money but the freedom it brings. I think that is what most people propel towards achieving. Sadly, because of people longing for that freedom, they do not want to put in the effort or work required to obtain that liberty and often find themselves into programs that fail. Great job!!!

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the article, and I am glad that you enjoyed it and found it useful. 

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